Hester, Ben and their fur-babies: An intimate in-home shoot

Ahhhhh. I love this session! Hester and Ben are getting married this year, just bought their very first home, and have a loving little family in form of two adorable cats, Ronald and Luna. Anyone who names their cats after J.K. Rowling's characters, and have framed Harry Potter quotes in their hallway ("After all this time?" "Always". That moment made me put down the book to have a proper ugly-cry the first, second and third time I read that book) ... Well, I'm going to like them. And when it turned out Ben had cat-decorated socks on for the shoot as well, it couldn't really be anything but amazing. I shot this a few weeks back along with my photography colleague and dear friend Tel, and I'm stoked to share it! 

Hester Ben.jpg
Hester Ben-2.jpg

Rooftop love

A parking garage rooftop, a sunset and two new lovers filled with butterflies and snuggles is everything you need to create epicness. Natasha and Lee have been a couple for less than a year, but already have such a beautiful connection. I just love it when my clients are in love and want to show the whole world! 

Airport elopement

Of all the weddings I've had the pleasure of capturing, Antonina and Damien's was undoubtedly one for the books. Just a couple of hours before their flight took off to Moscow, they got married under the departures sign in the middle of Melbourne Airport, surrounded by their closest friends and family - and the occasional curious tourist. 

Antonina and Damien were on their way to Russia for a proper, big wedding - but coming from two different continents, they decided they might as well get married in Australia as well. And what a lovely little ceremony it was! There's just something special with small, intimate ceremonies, where nothing really matters except the couple and their love. I was probably the first one there to tear up - but the bride and groom wasn't too far behind me :-) 

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