Hi there!

I'm Ine. 

I love chocolate, pretty shoes and my pajamas. I have a weird obsession with wedding dresses, and I love all types of latin dance. I see my camera as an extension to my arm, and I can't imagine doing anything but photography for a living. I'm engaged to my high school sweetheart, and oh! - I just moved to Melbourne from Norway, to enjoy the metropolitan life for a few years, whilst getting a bachelor degree of Photography.

My photographic journey started out in the local newspaper in my home town (is it a town when its population is less than five thousand?). After a year or so, at the age of 17, I started shooting weddings, portraits and events as a freelancer, and in January 2014, my very own company was born. Since then, photography has been my job, my passion, my relaxation, my time-out, my adventure - my everyday. I love how we can tell stories without using a single word, and still be able to engage people's emotions in such a powerful way. Capturing moods, emotions and connections is what I love to do. 

That, and eat chocolate. 


Photography by Felix Irawan

Photography by Felix Irawan