Hi there!

I'm Ine! I love chocolate, pretty shoes and cozy sleepwear. I have a weird obsession with wedding dresses (Say Yes to the Dress is my biggest guilty pleasure), and I love all types of Latin dance. I suck at small-talk, but love deep conversations. All my maternal instincts are directed towards animals, and I'm that person who runs over to ask to pet a stranger's dog if it passes on the sidewalk. I'm engaged to my high school sweetheart, and oh! - I just moved to Melbourne from Norway, to enjoy the metropolitan life for a few years, whilst getting a bachelor degree of Photography. 

My photographic journey started out in the local newspaper in my home town (is it a town when its population is less than five thousand?). Since then, photography has been my job, my passion, my relaxation, my time-out, my adventure - my everyday. I love how we can tell stories without using a single word, and still be able to engage people's emotions in such a powerful way. 

I don't do cheesy posing. I don't tell you to smile on command, and I don't think it's important that all eyes are straight at the camera. Quite the contrary, I'm an observer. I want to capture you and your loved one with authenticity and sincerity. Get to know you and show your personalities. Let you be your quirky, loving, silly, laughing, emotional you whilst being a fly on the wall and make amazing memories for you. Capturing moods, emotions and strong love connections is what I love.